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5 College Majors

Le 14 June 2018, 07:05 dans Humeurs 0

  Speciality of Law

  It was once a popular major, but it's hard to get a job. Therefore, most of the graduates majoring in law are either taking the postgraduate entrance examination or the civil service examination. As the best employment officer in law, the number of civil servants is only a few thousand a year, but there are as many as 100 thousand students graduating from law every year.

  Many people choose some popular majors when they enter university. They think they have at least one job after graduation. After all, under the pressure of great employment pressure, high salary and stable work can not be met. So many people will choose their postgraduate exams to gild themselves.

  Accounting profession

  As a commercial language, accounting plays an irreplaceable role in economic and trade exchanges and has a good employment prospect in China. Accounting industry has always been an evergreen tree in traditional industries. No matter the size of the company, it is necessary for the accountants to ensure the normal operation. It can be said that the accountants are the core personnel of the enterprise and the key role of the organization's operation.

  In the choice of professional postgraduate entrance examination or even more than the college entrance examination volunteer need more careful consideration, after all, it takes three years to go to graduate school, and needs to invest energy and money. Some students who choose the wrong majors in the college entrance examination can also achieve counterattacks through the postgraduate entrance examination.


  Nowadays, many enterprises have higher demand for the graduates of financial specialty. It is generally required to study the degree above. It is difficult to find a suitable job in a large enterprise to graduate from the undergraduate of the financial profession.

  University is the place to learn and cultivate talents. But there is also a problem that some professions in universities are the existence of comparisons. So many students have to take the postgraduate entrance exams to improve their status.

  Medical specialty

  This is a specialized specialty, also the most tired major of a university, but for medical undergraduates, it is almost difficult to find a better employment unit. General public hospitals will require at least a master's degree or above. Therefore, medical profession is a profession that can enhance employment and is also required to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

  In fact, most of the universities are preparing to take a postgraduate entrance examination, or think they want to continue their study in this major. They feel that the undergraduate degree is not a good job, and the opportunity to continue reading the future will be greater.


  It is difficult to find the job after graduation, so many students study further, and the employment is generally engaged in low level technical work or simply abandoning the major. If you want to engage in relevant research work, you need to cultivate solid exploration and exploration spirit, and pay attention to exercise ability, further study.

  Some majors are very difficult to find out only after graduation. It is generally believed that these specialties are too "high cold", the so-called "high cold" means that these specialties are too "high-end", and that the four years of undergraduate study are far from enough.

God, to the ground, to the sea, to the pole

Le 3 October 2016, 06:04 dans Humeurs 0

China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) is the national key university directly under the Ministry of education. It is the national 211 project and the national dual class construction university. It is the state's approval to set up a graduate school.




The school was founded in 1952, the Geological Institute of Beijing, which is formed by Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Tangshan Railway Institute and other famous institutions of geology. In 1970, the school moved to Hubei, renamed Hubei Geological Institute, 1974 school site Wuhan, renamed the Wuhan Geological Institute, 1987. China University of Geosciences.


In 2017, the school was selected as the list of double first-class universities in the country.


At the beginning of the establishment of school, the academic style of various famous schools was intersecting here. The teachers and scholars of all schools were here to discuss together. In 1960, the school became the key university in the country. In 1986, the graduate school was set up. In 1997, the University was the key Construction University of the first "211 projects" in the country. In 2006, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of land and resources signed the agreement to build China University of Geosciences. In 2017, the school was selected as the list of double first-class universities in the country.

The poly university master offers a variety of undergraduate, taught master's degree and postgraduate research programmes through different faculties and schools, covering business management and finance.


The idea of running a school


The school insists on carrying forward the spirit of hardship and simplicity, seeking truth and pragmatism, insisting on the values of seeking harmonious development between people and nature, and cultivating high quality talents with high moral character, solid foundation, professional spirit and knowledge of practice, and to provide a high level of talent and science for solving the resource and environment problems faced by the region, the industry and the human being. Technical support.


Conditions for running a school


The faculty is strong, and there are 9 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 263 doctoral tutors and 431 professors. The national "Millennium Program" was selected 28, the national "10000 person program" was selected 9, the "Yangtze River Scholar Award Program" was selected 18, the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation 15, the National Excellent Youth Science Foundation of 15, the Ministry of education, "new century talent" of 29 people. There are 86 scientific research institutions, laboratories and research institutes (centers), including 2 state key laboratories, 1 National Engineering and technology research centers, 1 international scientific and technological cooperation bases of the Ministry of science and technology, and 1 demonstration bases for the training of innovative talents in the Ministry of science and technology.


There are three teaching bases in the school, which are the practice bases in Zhoukoudian, Beidaihe and Zigui. The students in the field of geoscience related major should go to the three practice bases to carry out practice and research, and the field practice base of Zhoukoudian is called "the cradle of geological engineer".


Subject characteristics


The school's disciplinary characteristics and future development can be expressed in eight words: "heaven", "entering the land", "going to sea" and "going to the top."


God is the development of planetary science and deep space exploration technology. If participating in the national lunar exploration project, academician Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of lunar exploration, is our 56 School Alumni.


To enter the earth is to detect deeply and detect the composition, structure and laws of the earth's interior. The scientific research results of the global two - Triassic - Triassic boundary layer type "gold nail", which was presided over by academician Yin Hongfu, are considered as a reflection of the high level of scientific research in a state. The school participated in the Continental Scientific Drilling Project. The depth of drilling reached 5000 meters, and was likened by experts to "telescopes that extend to the earth's interior".Clinicians should keep an eye on opioid misuse this patient population.


To go to sea is to develop marine science and serve the country's marine cause. In May 18, 2017, the first sea ice was successfully tested. In this major achievement, the contribution of "earth grown-up" has been made. Li Jinfa, the 86 alumni of our school, and the 88 alumni of the school, are important participants. This also indicates that the earth science has a broad prospects for development, and the study of earth science will be a great success. At the same time, the school also set up a Marine Academy, including marine science English class, marine engineering and technology two undergraduate specialties.


To ascend the pole is to carry out scientific research on polar regions and the third polar plateau. Professor Li Dewei, the doctoral tutor of our school, has carried out a study on the Qinghai Tibet plateau for nearly 30 years. Before long, the "theory of the earth system dynamics", "the hypothesis of laminar flow structure", was applied to the east of Hainan to successfully complete the first dry hot rock drilling in eastern China, and the dry hot rock is one of the most potential development potential in geothermal energy. Renewable energy is another global hot pursuit after photovoltaic and wind power.


The first mountaineering team to climb the world's highest peak in China


Speaking of the entrance to the pole, we have to talk about the mountaineering of our school. For more than 60 years, the school has trained a large number of excellent climbers such as Wang Fuzhou, Yuan Yang, Bush, Li Zhixin, sub and Yuan Fudong, and made outstanding contributions to the mountaineering cause of our country.


In May 19, 2012, China University of Geosciences mountaineering team successfully reached the top of Mount Qomolangma, becoming the first university climbing team to climb the world's highest peak. Among the top four players, Chen Chen, a female college student, is also the first female college student to go to Mount Everest in China.

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Because of His Love

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Job was not a brilliant man. He swept floors for a living. He believed that Tarzan was a real man, and that all those movies were really documentaries of Tarzan's life. He was the butt of many jokes, yet he taught me about the essence of a 'real man': love and respect for women, honor, kindness and gentleness <a style="color:#4E443C;text-decoration:none;" href="">actu industrie touristique</a>.
Job embraced life in unexpected, simple ways. He showed up for work, on time. He never bragged about himself, and he loved only one woman—his wife, Molly. Job filled a void in my life. He was principled and straightforward in my world of dishonor and lies. He loved me as his very own grandchild, even though he was a year younger than my father.
I will never forget my graduation from high school. That was a day of hopeless inevitability for me. My father, who was a heavy drinker, began his celebration very early in the day. By the time we congregated in the high school gymnasium my father had congratulated himself through nearly a case of beer <a style="color:#4E443C;text-decoration:none;" href="">hong kong restaurants</a>.
I tried to be invisible within a sea of faces. I wanted to run away. Disappear. Most of all I wanted no one to guess whose kid I was. I was betrayed by my last name, which began with the letter 'A,' so I was the first graduate on the first row; Being a red-head gave me even more exposure, and the baccalaureate speaker, who had never met me, decided to use me as his audio-visual aid.
'This young lady, this bright young lady, with the bright red hair.' His voice rolled through the auditorium in sonorous phrases, as I sank lower in my seat. Over to my left, at the door of the auditorium, was a seating arrangement for the 'elderly.'And there sat Molly, age 61, and Job, age 47, with all of the grandparents. My heart ached when I looked at them, wishing with all my heart that I were, truly, their grandchild.
As the speaker continued with his speech, he reached a point where he had an uncontrollable urge to introduce 'all the wonderful people, who have made this day possible!'
'All the siblings of the graduates, please, stand.'I slipped lower in my seat, glancing hurriedly around, hoping to remain invisible.
'Now, all the parents, please stand.' Dear Lord, I thought, I'm sure my father can't stand, even if he wanted to. I didn't bother to look around.
'Now the grandparents...' I closed my eyes, dreading the hopelessness of my situation. I had no grandparent to stand proudly for me. I finally opened my eyes, and there they were, Job and Molly, standing proudly with all the other grandparents. Job looked over at me, his eyes beaming like diamonds <a style="color:#4E443C;text-decoration:none;" href="">salles meetings expositions</a>.
'I'm so proud of you,' he smiled as he mouthed the words that I will never forget. I knew that he stood there, not out of duty, but because of his love for me!

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